| About Emily

With a love of stationery, fine paper goods and vintage, mid century style, Emily Holmes started her illustration brand in Bristol in 2016.  

Her love for drawing started at a young age, always carrying felt tips and wads of paper, endlessly drawing girl bands and rows of shops.

Her obsession with drawing was then accompanied by a new fascination for fashion and photography as she studied a level textiles, art and media and gained entry to study Illustration at UWE Bristol in 2011.

Her style evolved over the 3 year study and combined her interests of photography, illustration and vintage textiles to create the designs you see today. She opened a small shop on Etsy towards the end of her degree to earn some extra cider money but it took off in 2016 and Emy Lou Holmes was born.

To fund the early stages of the business Emily took a part time job back in her hometown of Clevedon at the beautiful Saker Stationery, she learnt more about business and beautiful paper products which inspired her to pursue the retail world even further.

Now to the present day, Emily works with over 30 stores and sells her work internationally, living her dream as an illustrator.

Explore how her style has developed with her most recent work.

Latest Work

| Somerset Studio

Our main studio is based in Emily's hometown of Clevedon just a few meters away from the beautiful Victorian Pier on the seaside.

This is where we take care of all of your orders - pack up all the prints and cards and wrap up your gifts.

Alongside her Mum Sue, they keep the business organised and pack orders for both online and wholesale. They work here on Mondays & Thursdays to fulfil your orders.

You can find a whole collection inspired by Emily's home county of Somerset.

Explore Somerset

| Wiltshire Studio

Emily mostly works at home in the comfort of her cosy studio in Wiltshire. She moved counties in 2020 to follow her husband's new job as a Graphic Design teacher and discovered the beauty of Wiltshire. Taking up river swimming, long country walks and gardening in their new home, Wiltshire was an unexpected surprise and a very peaceful place to work. It's all very Wind in the Willows.

Emily creates all her illustrations at home alongside all the behind the scenes work that keeps a business ticking over. Her next step is to invigorate her home studio, she's thinking a splash of mustard yellow?

Inspired by her new surroundings she hopes to add more to her Wiltshire collection but check out a couple of her favourite spots.

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